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Thank you Ledcor and all of your amazing employees!

In the life of a young person, so much can happen in 24 hours. Ledcor Group and their employees are dedicated supporters of the Give a Day, Build a Life campaign that aims to fund 75 days of care for all 25 youth in the Rights of Passage program.

This year alone, Ledcor has provided 255 hours - 10 ½ days - of care for youth, in this transitional housing program. All of the youth in Rights of Passage work hard to create sustainable futures by either expanding their employment experiences or furthering their education in addition to learning and practicing new life skills.

Ledcor is committed to supporting the communities in which they operate. Your philosophy of giving back is clearly part of your corporate culture and we couldn’t be more grateful.      

Thank you to Ledcor Group and your loving staff for being a champion of our youth as they work to create strong foundations for brighter futures!  

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Tom’s homemade bracelets bring joy to his sisters at Christmas

This Christmas season our staff always had planned lots of Christmas activities for the youth.  One of the youth suggested that we make homemade  bracelets to give as Christmas presents. “Tom” was very eager to participate as he had sisters that he wanted to give presents to and he didn’t have a lot of money to spend on gifts. After a couple of practice bracelets and some advice from more experienced bracelet makers, Tom was super happy with what he had made. Covenant House was able to support Tom to spend a couple of nights with his family over Christmas and when he returned from his visit with his family he said that his visit was great and his sisters loved the bracelets that he had made for them!

homemade braclets


The honour of spending Christmas Day with our young people

This year I had the honor to work alongside our youth on Christmas Day during the evening. Working Christmas Day was bitter sweet considering this is the time of year that most spend with family and the youth in our Crisis Program, are either without their loved ones or don’t have anyone at all. Throughout the shift I was trying my best to lighten the mood and distract them from dwelling on the fact that they’re missing family or wishing they had someone close to consider family.

My efforts were hit and miss and even though I got most of them to reveal a genuine smile or laugh there was still an undertone of sadness present. One youth in particular said something that struck a chord with me. Every year we give out backpacks that contain various gifts. He didn’t know about this until I asked him if he received one, which he hadn’t. I told him I’d be right back with one for him.

 I returned and gave him his backpack full of gifts that included clothing, gift cards, goodies and other items. He was beyond thankful and expressed his thanks repeatedly. Then he looked at me saying thanks once again and followed by saying, “I didn’t think I’d get any gifts for Christmas this year, I didn’t get any last year.” I paused before responding because I was taken aback by his words. What he said hit home because it described the reality these youth live with each day. It was also humbling because despite his circumstances he was so thankful.

I smiled and replied telling him that I was glad we were able to give him something for Christmas. I felt grateful to be a part of this moment and it reinforced the reason why I chose years ago to be in a profession where I’m able to help those less fortunate.

Crisis Program Christmas Tree 

Merry Christmas to our Covenant House Family

From all of us at Covenant House Vancouver we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Thank you  for all your support and friendship over this holiday season; it’s because of friends like you that we are here each and every day helping our young people. Thank you for being part of our Covenant House family!

Please note:

Our office will be  closing early December 24th and will remain closed until December 28th   but if you still wish to make a donation you can do so online  here. We will be open and taking calls on Tuesday, December 29th.

If you are looking for information about when & how you can donate clothing, food or other items click  here.

If you are a youth in need of help, we are open 24 hours/day and the toll free number is 1-877-685-7474.

 Merry Christmas

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