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2nd Place Finish for CHV's Youth Soccer Team

This past Sunday our youth took part in a Vancouver Street Soccer League tournament. Covenant House fielded 2 teams and one of our teams came in 2nd Place. The first place win went to a Portland Hotel Society team, but our youth were thrilled with the second place title! There was tons of cheering, high fives and many proud faces.

Another amazing thing happened as well: that Sunday was Mother’s Day, and one of our young people’s mom’s was out to cheer them and the team on. After the game, a youth worker went over to the mom to say hi and to introduce themselves and a very special moment took place. The mom was overcome with gratitude because we had helped her child and she was crying and giving her thanks to the youth worker. The youth worker was overwhelmed and had a few tears as well and it was a truly wonderful moment.

We are so proud of all of our youth, volunteers and staff who have practiced so much and worked so hard to become the awesome soccer players they are. Way to go CHV soccer stars!

youth soccer trophy
Trophy from tournament

Legacy Giving is alive at Covenant House Vancouver

Joan Webster is many things a mother, wife, volunteer and she has recently let us know of her plans to leave a Legacy Gift in her will. Below is a letter written by Joan about why she is choosing to support Covenant House in this way. Recently an article about Joan Webster was featured in The Now Newspaper; please have a read of the article and the letter below.  We thank Joan for sharing this letter with us and for all she does to support our young people.

Three years ago, I received a letter from Sister Nancy Brown at Covenant House. It was a fascinating and heartwarming letter that, deeply, touched my heart.

Sister Nancy shared her story of how Covenant House was transforming the lives of youth who lived on the streets of Vancouver. These kids were homeless and exposed to a life of crime, drugs and physical, emotional and sexual abuse. She spoke of their loneliness and of how frightened they were with no home to call their own and few, if any, adults of whom they could trust. I couldn’t imagine how bad it had been at home if they left for the streets to “find a better life”.

I am a mother of two kids in this age group. My own daughters have grown up with many opportunities in sports, music, language, the visual and performing arts and international travel.  They were raised in faith and were loved.   They were taught that giving back to the less fortunate, through community service and charitable giving, was important to us as a family.

Last February, I began volunteering with Covenant House supporting the youth workers in the drop in centre. The youth come in from a night on the streets for food and respite, and most importantly, they seek the advice and support of the youth workers, for all kinds of needs, proving that they still need adults in their life.

They remind me of my own children and I was wishing that I could do more to help them.

So I decided to leave a legacy gift, in my will, to continue to support this wonderful organization when I no longer can. It was easy. I contacted Covenant House and was given all the information I needed to make this possible.

By leaving a legacy gift, I know that the team at Covenant House will continue to give these deserving young people a chance for a healthy and productive life.

 joan webster image
oan Webster

For more information about Legacy Giving at Covenant House Vancouver, please contact:
Michelle Bernard
Development Officer, Individual & Planned Giving

Sports Equipment Needed

Do you have gently used or new sports equipment that you are not using? If so we would love to have it for our various youth recreation programs.

Here is the list we are hoping to get:

1.  Soccer goalie gloves

2.  Soccer cleats for artificial surfaces, sizes 8-12

3.  Soccer balls

4.  Pylons

5.  Baseball bats (softball)

6.  Baseball gloves

7.  Ball hats

Donations can be dropped off at 575 Drake Street between 8am & 3pm, if you are unable to come between 8am and 3pm, please contact us to arrange a convenient drop-off time. If you have questions please contact us at 604-968-4679 or by email at
sports equipment