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Tickets Still Available for Cirque du Soleil Show Totem

The magic of Cirque du Soleil returns to Vancouver in spring 2014 with its show Totem, described as "a fascinating journey into the evolution of mankind".

We're pleased to announce that Cirque du Soleil has once again chosen to partner with Covenant House, donating tickets for fundraising purposes.

• Covenant House's benefit night will be Friday, May 30th, 2014
• Tickets are $150 each (with a partial tax receipt reflecting the difference between the retail and benefit night pricing)
• We have 200 tickets available in great Category 1 seating

For more information or to purchase your tickets please contact:

Mark Savard
Development Officer – Community Giving
Tel (604) 639-8922

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Video - What Foster Care is like for an abused child removed from her home

Trigger warning. Almost 400,000 children are in foster care, and kids who find themselves in the system come from difficult backgrounds. This film was made to bring awareness to what some kids experience and to help adults understand life through the children's eyes. At the end, she says it all: "I am lovable. I am worthy of care." - Laura Willard, Upworthy

This short film, "ReMoved," was directed by Nathanael Matanick with the help of Tony Cruz, it was shared on Upworthy & UTube.


*Please note that while this video is about the American Foster Care system there are many similarities in Canada*


Announcing Sleep Out Student Edition

We are excited to share an engaging new initiative with you that will offer high school students a glimpse of what their life would be like if they were homeless. The initiative is Sleep Out Student Edition, and it will change the way students view homelessness forever.

In October, senior students will sleep out overnight on school property - without the comforts and conveniences of their homes or families. They will participate in discussion groups about homelessness and debrief their experience in the morning - before going to class. They will develop a deep understanding of the social issues their homeless peers are facing and get a sense of what these disadvantaged youth living on the streets face on a daily basis.

If you are a teacher interested in learning more click here or please contact Abbie or Jessica:

Phone: (604) 639-8925
For FAQ click here.

sleep out student edition

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