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How The Home Depot Canada Foundation is helping put an end to youth homelessness with “Paper Doors”

The Home Depot Canada Foundation is committed to ending youth homelessness, pledging to invest $10 million over three years through The Orange Door Project. This initiative will give homeless youth the housing, support and hope they need to live safe, healthy and productive lives.

One component of The Orange Door Project is The Home Depot’s national fundraising campaign. From now until Oct 9, The Home Depot customers can buy a $2 paper door in support of a local youth-focused housing charity.

All proceeds raised at the Richmond, Vancouver, and Vancouver Cambie Home Depot stores during the campaign will support Covenant House Vancouver.

Encourage your friends, family members, neighbours and colleagues to support the campaign today!

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Orange door project

Thank you to COBS Bread and our amazing volunteers for helping feed our youth!

For almost a decade we have been receiving delicious bread and pastries for our youth through COBS End of Day Giving Program.  Each morning a team of dedicated bakers are up early making bread from scratch. All of the traditional breads contain no added preservatives, artificial colors, sugar or dairy. At the end of each day, anything that is leftover is donated to Covenant House.

We also want to recognize Granville Chapel’s Meet the Need Committee and our other volunteers who have taken time out of their busy lives to help us pick up the bread donation every week.

COBS Bread

Alex learns that when he was ready our support was here for him

Alex had previously stayed at our Crisis Program four times, the longest of which being 6 days. Alex was struggling to build relationships with staff and other youth and on every occasion he would leave unexpectedly. On his fifth stay Alex seem different, he was able to open up and explained about the struggles that he was facing. Alex talked about his drug use and how he felt it was holding him back from being the person he wanted to be. Alex felt that he had not been ready to trust anyone on his previous stays, but now felt that he was ready for support and help to make positive changes in his life. Over the next 4 months, Alex was able to access the support he needed and gain valuable life skills that helped him to secure and maintain a job and to find his own accommodation.

Alex is a good example of the youth that come to Covenant House and a good example of the Covenant House values of always being there for the youth and offering the same support and welcome. No matter where they are on their journey, if a youth is ready for support, the support is always there. If they are not then the support is there when they are.

Working at Covenant House Vancouver has been very inspiring as you get to see the interactions and relationships that are built every day. I love being able to a part of their journey and helping to empower them as they work toward their goals. 

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