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As we pulled out the sandwiches his eyes just lit up

During Street Outreach last Wednesday we were handing out sandwiches like we always do and we ran into a kid on the street that we didn’t know and he said he had just got out of the hospital. He had his little patient bag with his belongings and a blanket wrapped around him. He didn’t know who we were so we introduced ourselves and told him how Covenant House could help him out with and what our services were and we offered him a sandwich. The funny thing is he was listening to all our services but as soon as we pulled out the sandwiches his eyes just lit up and he was like “you’re going to give me a sandwich?” and we said yeah and we have other things to offer as well but all he could focus on was the sandwich and he ripped it open and he was shoving it in his face and smacking away and he was like “This is so great. Oh my gosh I can’t believe you gave me a sandwich”. There were crumbs flying out of his mouth and everything. It was a little comical and really touching to see how something so small can make somebody’s day a little brighter. Providing somebody with food is huge when they are starving. People are appreciative and those moments can make a difference in somebody’s day and in somebody’s life.

picture of a sandwich being handed out

Volunteer Ruth making healthy sandwiches for our youth

When you’re hungry focusing on anything else is a challenge, we meet our youth’s immediate needs like food first. When young people are nourished they can begin to focus on the other areas in their lives that need improvement.

Below are images of our volunteer Ruth making yummy, healthy sandwiches for our young people. We have many amazing volunteers like Ruth that help our Food Services team prepare meals and snacks for our young people.

volunteer making sandwiches

volunteer making sandwiches

volunteer making sandwiches

volunteer making sandwiches

volunteer making sandwiches

Top 5 Needed Gift-in-Kind Items

1. Men’s Deodorant

2. Shaving Cream (men’s & women’s)

3. Razor’s (men’s & women’s)

4. Personal sized tissue paper (Kleenex)

5. Chapstick / lip balm

Donations can be dropped off at 575 Drake street. If you have any questions please contact us at 604-639-8937 or by email at

shaving product image

Walter Visits the Dentist

Walter our therapy dog hurt his tooth chewing on a toy. He went for a trip to the dentist and had an x-ray; everything looks fine and he is set to make a full recovery. He was such a good boy that he even got to pick a treat at the end.

Feel better Walter!

walter on dentist chair waiting for dentist

walter getting an xray

walter picking a treat after a good dental check up