Thanking DeSerres for helping our youth to create art!

We want to send a very big thank you to DeSerres for donating a variety of art supplies for our youth. Art projects and crafts are loved by our youth and all our youth programs use art supplies regularly. Art supplies can be expensive to buy and it something we are always grateful to have donated.

One of our Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) who has a PhD in Expressive Arts Therapy and runs our Art Therapy Groups shared why creating art can be a powerful healing process:

  • It allows youth to bring to conscious awareness things they may have been struggling with for many years in a safe way. By creating an art piece that represents them or their story this gives them and the therapist something to look at and work with rather than just talking (which can sometimes leave people feeling to exposed or vulnerable)
  • It provides a safe way to express difficult thoughts, feelings and memories and to develop skills to heal from past experiences
  • It encourages youth to connect with their inner strengths and resilience
  • Creativity allows youth to get a different perspective and maybe see themselves in new, more positive or balanced ways
  • Creativity encourages problem-solving and can help develop a sense of self-worth and self-efficacy
  • Creativity enhances learning as it requires the integration of the whole brain (the creative, playful, emotional parts and the more reflective, analytical parts)
  • It enhances communication between the youth and their counsellor

Again a huge thank you to DeSerres for supporting our youth in this very special way!