Eight ½ restaurant lounge prepares a very special meal with our youth

We were lucky to have two chefs from Eight ½ restaurant lounge come to our Pender kitchen and put on a cooking workshop. Our youth were taught how to de-bone a salmon, peel carrots, prepare brussels sprouts and baby potatoes. The chefs also taught the youth how to make two kinds of salad dressing from scratch a raspberry version and a vinaigrette. As each dish was prepared fresh from the kitchen, our youth were shown how to nicely plate and present the food.

The kids also helped prepare the dining area with tablecloths and cloth napkins. Youth from ROP and our Crisis Program were presented dinner restaurant style with music playing in the background. Three different kinds of salmon were served and the youth loved their special dinner.

A big thank you to Eight ½ restaurant lounge for teaching crucial life skills and for the amazing meal!