Holly uses key supports and her resilience to manage her anxiety and depression

I recently became Holly’s key youth worker at our Crisis Program. Everyday Holly struggles with severe anxiety, depression and has had suicidal thoughts. I know this all sounds like not very good things, but I am inspired by her every day, and how positive she can be on the good days. She has dealt with a lot of trauma in her short life and has learned important coping skills overtime. She is about to start therapy and although she is nervous, she is ready to take this next step.  

I could not imagine how hard it would be to live everyday with such extreme anxiety and depression, regardless of this she continues to grow even on days when getting out of bed is a struggle. She loves to participate in musical theatre productions and is planning on starting her own theatre company. She is very kind to the other young people staying at Covenant House and has been open to support from staff as she works on her mental health. I can see slow but significant progress and have high hopes for her future, as she is such a strong person who is capable and resilient.  

Shared by Sabine, Youth worker at our Crisis Program