Amazing food = unconditional love!

Food and nutrition are vital to our young people, as many of them have struggled with having enough to eat and often come to us malnourished. When they arrive at Covenant House Vancouver, our youth are provided with healthy, filling and delicious meals. The amazing food our Kitchen Team prepares is how they demonstrate their unconditional love to our young people and it is incredibly powerful.

Food can literally help a young person get out of bed. Many of our youth are dealing with past traumas and mental health concerns. Getting out of bed in the morning can be a struggle. Knowing a delicious breakfast is waiting for you can be the incentive a young person needs to get up and get going. Once up and well fed our youth workers and counsellors can work with them on healing.

A meal lovingly prepared is truly a powerful thing. It can be that key stepping-stone for our youth as they work towards taking that next step. It fuels our youth as the look for work, learn important life skills and work through past traumas.

Our Kitchen Team share their cultures and their love for our youth through the delicious food they make. Check out some of their creations: