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Richard gets support with his mental health

Richard had stayed with us off and on a few years ago. When he first stayed in our Crisis Program, he struggled a lot with inappropriate behaviours, taking direction from staff and had a hard time understanding his case plan. Eventually Richard was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and he was hospitalized.  

His mom came from another province to bring him home. Fast forward a couple of years later and Richard returns out of the blue having left his accommodation and supports in his home province. We discussed why he left and encouraged him to contact his support system and let them know he was safe. 

We connected him back with Foundry BC so he could have a support system in Vancouver and maintain his mental health. Richard tried working but struggled due to the side effects of his medications. We worked on life skills with him especially around money and impulsive behaviours that would lead him to spend all his money.  

His Mental Health Team got him connected with supportive housing and helped him to receive government help for rent while he stabilized his mental health. Since moving into supportive housing Richard appears to be stable and happy when I run into him out in the community.  

Shared by Niall, Youth Worker, Crisis Program