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One Door Can Change Everything

We are excited, honoured, and grateful to once again join The Home Depot Canada Foundation for their annual Orange Door Project. Every year, this campaign raises funds in order to help numerous charities across the country that serve vulnerable and at-risk youth. Having organizations in the community that take action to help youth overcome homelessness is such a wonderful source of hope for us. It’s especially wonderful in the uncertain times we’re currently facing. It’s support like this that allows people like Madison to find the fresh start they desperately want.

We encourage you to learn more about the Orange Door Project, and to see the difference it has made throughout the years. From the link above, you can also donate to the cause online if you haven’t already at your local Home Depot store.

Once again, we want to take this time to give a big “Thank You” to our friends at The Home Depot Canada Foundation for always looking out for vulnerable young people across the country.

Orange Door Project Video

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