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We all grow at different speeds!

After the March Community Dinner, Rights of Passage (ROP) youth and staff decided to keep the avocado seeds from homemade guacamole and try to grow them.

This was definitely a test of patience as the seeds took over a month to show any signs of growth. As of late the seeds are now sprouting up strong and standing as a token of resilience during such uneasy times. Despite us starting them at the same time the seeds are not progressing at the same rate.

One of the youth reflected on how this relates to different people’s journeys through life and shared with staff that it reminded them that we all are different people who grow at different speeds and that should be celebrated, as we are all trying our best.

This moment of compassion for diversity highlights the accepting community ROP stands for and the approach we use with each other as we all make it along our own journeys. 

Shared by Jackie, Youth Worker at Rights of Passage.