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10th Sleep Out: Executive Edition Tonight!

Tonight, Covenant House Vancouver will host our 10th Sleep Out: Executive Edition. Business and community leaders will give up their beds for one night, with one purpose, to raise awareness and crucial funds for young people who are experiencing homelessness.

Sleepers will interact by video with frontline workers and will hear personal stories from young people. Participants will sleep out in a variety of locations including backyards, balconies, and at select locations across the lower mainland.

Sleepers are raising money for our Crisis Program which provides critical housing. They would greatly appreciate any donations – click here to donate to a sleeper or to the event. Every Sleep Out donation made today will be matched by George & Jordan Melville up to $100,000!

Be sure to join in the discussion on social media using the hashtag #CHSleepOut. You can follow Covenant House Vancouver on Twitter @CovenantHouseBC, on Instagram @covenanthousebc, or on our Facebook page.

Big thank you to all our sleepers and their supporters!