The Impact Behind the Numbers: Rights Of Passage

When youth in our Crisis Program feel ready to move forward and transition to independent living, they may apply to our Rights of Passage (ROP) program.

Thanks to CHV supporters, youth registered in our ROP program were able to stay an average of 20 months. The impact of that number is that youth could stay for the duration of time that they needed, individually, to receive and incorporate the skills, knowledge, and stability that enabled them to feel confident enough to transition to independence.

What Is the Rights of Passage Program?

ROP is a program where CHV provides youth with safe, affordable housing and support while they transition to independent living.

Youth entering the program must commit to the terms of the program, which include curfews, classes, and putting aside a portion of their income to pay for the program fee, which teaches the essential skill of paying rent. The goal is to make them invested in the big changes that will keep them off the streets for good.

The Importance of the Rights of Passage Program

Transitioning to independent living can be a challenge, so in addition to guidance, structure and support, CHV provides:

  • A fully furnished, private apartment up to the youth’s 25th birthday
  • 24-hour staff support
  • Daily and community dinners, light groceries and celebrations
  • Integrated Case Management
  • Life skills (cooking, money management, self-care, communication skills, and goal setting)
  • Support maintaining employment and/or developing an education plan
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Women-only residential spaces

For many youth, this is their first foray into independent living. It is essential that they have the life skills necessary to succeed at this venture. The ROP program provides these skills. In addition, youth still have the support of CHV. Everyone needs a support system in place to help them get through life’s challenges.

Find out more about our ROP program and read our full Impact Report, to discover how donors help support youth who come to Covenant House Vancouver.