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It’s Thank Your Mentor Day!

On Thursday, January 27, it is Thank Your Mentor Day, this is a day for all mentees to show gratitude for their mentor by sending them a special message of gratitude and also posting on social media using the hashtag #ThankYourMentor.

Here are what a few of the mentees at Covenant House Vancouver Mentorship Program had to say about their mentors:

  • “My mentor is a very positive person by nature. We went for walk together and I shared a lot about myself. It was really easy to talk to her. She is fun and friendly. She was always supportive. She has shared a lot about her school life and work life.”

  • “I find my mentor inspiring and a great mentor. It is a pleasure working with her and definitely, she is my role model.”

  • “My mentor encourages me to work out and stay fit. Even over the pandemic we were able to find a way to still do it together online.”

  • “I like him, I am a curious person naturally, so I like to hear about my mentor’s experiences.”

  • “My mentor helps me with building confidence in me more than before.”

The opportunity to be with a caring adult who is willing to invest their time and share experiences with our mentees is invaluable. It is very likely that they may thank them regularly for their time and wisdom already, but this day is an opportunity for mentees to be proactive in acknowledging appreciation with a note, a phone call, or a text. But, what truly matters is that they are aware of how much they are appreciated by their mentees.

Huge thanks to all our mentors for providing the gift of mentorship!