Philanthropy Meets Business Acumen

Starting your own business is daunting. Being philanthropic is awesome. But can your business and philanthropic desires, not only survive, but thrive?

Yes, they can.

Meet Johanna. Johanna established her own counselling business in 2020. Even as she opened her doors, her philanthropic heart was guiding her. “When I thought about establishing my own business in 2020, it was very important to me as a psychotherapist to align myself and my practice with a community-based organization that really shows up and does the work of effecting meaningful social change. The obvious choice for me was Covenant House Vancouver. I also spoke with a number of my clients at the time and they too agreed, this was the right organization for us collectively to support.”

Already a monthly donor to Covenant House Vancouver, Johanna wondered how she could generate more donations, while also raising awareness around homeless and at-risk youth. She came up with a very creative solution. If her clients chose to pay by electronic funds, rather than credit cards, the money she saved in credit card fees would go to Covenant House Vancouver.

“Once I established Arbutus Counselling, for every session that I have with a client, a donated amount is set aside to support Covenant House Vancouver. On behalf of my clients and myself this amounted to over $3,000 in 2021.”

The pandemic has been a stress and strain on everyone. Coming up with creative solutions has really taken philanthropy to a whole other level. Johanna offers these words to spur on her fellow entrepreneurs, “I would like to encourage other self-employed professionals to consider a similar donation arrangement. I think your clients could really become energized in this collective effort. I know that many have in my practice.”

“I wish Covenant House Vancouver all the best in 2022, and I look forward to continuing to support this worthwhile and effective organization.”

We would like to say thank you to Johanna, for not only helping her clients, but for inspiring her clients to help others.