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Thanks to You, We’ve Met our April Match Goal!

We recently shared the challenges around meeting the nutritional needs of the youth that we serve. Thanks to a very special family foundation, we were able to hold a special April match campaign, to try to help meet these needs. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to meet our match goal!

As you may already know, youth are one of the fastest growing and most vulnerable subgroups of the homeless population. Being nutritionally vulnerable has significant ramifications including: poor health, which is a barrier from obtaining and maintaining employment; possible impairment of cognitive and physiological functions; increase risk of infections; and exacerbating depression and substance abuse.

Our kitchen staff prepare 1,740 meals per week. In addition to meals, they supply daily snacks, 200 sandwiches per week for our Outreach team to support youth where they live, lunches for external youth activities, groceries for the Rights Of Passage program, and more!

We have all felt the impact from the rising cost of food. In spite of that, you rallied around our youth and met the $30,000 match that will help keep stomachs full and help youth focus on their journeys towards hope-filled futures.

We are grateful for your unwavering support.