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With support from his mentor Joshua works on his career goals!

Joshua was introduced to his mentor Rhonda, and they seemed to click instantly, as they share a passion and motivation for working in the social services sector. They went ahead to plan their next meet-up and signed their match paperwork without hesitation.

A few weeks went by, and I went to Rights of Passage to bake cookies with some youth when Joshua approached me. He shared he was finding volunteer opportunities with his mentor and if he was exploring his options. He wanted to make sure he was taking the right steps in pursuit of his career in social services that he is so passionate about.

Joshua now has been invited to volunteer at two different non-profit social services agencies to gain more experience for his future career as a Support Worker.

With the guidance of his volunteer mentor, Joshua has followed through on creating more opportunities for himself. Way to go Joshua and huge thanks to his mentor for being so supportive!