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Did You Know Facts About Our New Building at 1280 Seymour Street

We are days away from operating out of our new building. As the following months unfold, we will be sharing more and more stories from this new space.

As a way to kick this new chapter off, we thought that we would share some fun did-you-know content.

Did you know: our Food Services Team currently prepares more than 1,740 meals a week for young people. With our new kitchen, we will be able to meet the ever-increasing needs of youth, efficiently.

Did you know: youth let us know how important it is to have space to unwind, find joy, and build connections with youth workers and friends.

Did you know: this space allows Youth Workers to connect with youth in a casual environment, helping them build trusting relationships over something as simple as a game of basketball.

Did you know: pursuing an education and learning new skills like budgeting, resume writing, and other general life skills requires the focus and quiet this space will provide.

Did you know: the Crisis Program floors are closed during the day to encourage youth to be out and about. This room allows a young person to take a nap during this time.

Did you know: creating art is a powerful part of therapy. It helps youth express their feelings when they can’t find the words.

Did you know: young people asked for private access to the outdoors, so they can enjoy the fresh air while maintaining a sense of safety.

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