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Top Needed Items at CHV

Covenant House Vancouver is grateful to receive Gifts-in-Kind (GIK). People donate non-monetary items like clothing, hygiene supplies, and household items. These items help us keep costs down and directly support young people.

If you want to help young people experiencing homelessness here are our top needed items:

  • Sunscreen
  • Tank Tops (all genders)
  • Shorts (all genders)
  • Water bottles
  • Men’s ankle socks
  • Phones (used is great) and phone charging cord/blocks and cell phones
  • Footwear especially men’s runners, slides, and flip flops
  • Hoodies

For more information, or to coordinate a drop-off, please contact:

Cory Kaban
Supervisor, Gifts-in-Kind
Direct: 604-757-6064