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Readathon Raises $4,000!

At age nine, Olivia developed a deep concern for the people living on the street that she passed each day on her way to school. She wanted to help. Her initial idea was to give them warm clothes and food as Christmas presents.

The following year, she wanted to make a bigger impact than her original idea could fulfill. So, she asked family members to donate money for every book that she read, and that’s how the Readathon came to be.

Every year, Olivia increased her circle of support by getting friends and classmates involved. Over the last three years, the Readathon has raised over $10,000 that has been donated to Covenant House Vancouver and the local Food Bank.

Olivia chose CHV, because our Backpack Program aligned with her original idea of providing warm clothes to those in need. Olivia said, “By doing the Readathon I’ve learned that I can help others and I can make myself feel great too! I hope I keep doing it for as long as I can. I want to make this idea something that many people could be involved in.”

This year, Olivia raised an amazing $4,000 that she donated to CHV!

Thank you, Olivia, for your philanthropic heart and your support of young people in your community.