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Thank Your Mentor Day

From time to time, we all need a hand. Not only in everyday activities, but sometimes for career advice, educational challenges, and for life-changing events.

There’s no one right way to say thank you to someone who has lifted you up, walked by your side, or tutored you, but it is important to recognize those who may have inspired you. You can write them a personal card, post you appreciation on social media (when appropriate), or share your story to inspire others. If you’re stuck for ideas, there are many resources online that can help you out.

At CHV, mentorship looks very differently for every individual. Youth are matched with a mentor based on what the youth requests. They may ask for a supportive adult role model, they might get matched based on a hobby or interest, youth may want to be mentored from a career perspective, or youth could be a matched with a mentor based on multiple interests.

There’s a lovely story about a young man who came from Africa to CHV. Acclimatizing to a new country was a lot. He came to CHV, and through our Mentoring Program was connected with a teacher. The teacher had a very full life with kids of their own, but made this young man a priority. Not only did they help him acclimatize, but they helped with career goals.

The mentor-mentee relationship lasted three years. During that time, the teacher commented that they had never met such a motivated young man. The youth now lives on his own, has a job and is going to school.

When asked about the mentorship, the young mentee said, “I am so impressed by my mentor’s humanity—to make me a part of their busy life.”

Thank you to all those out there who are mentoring, or have mentored someone. For those who are considering the idea of mentoring, do it! The Mentoring Program at CHV not only benefits the youth, it enriches the lives of those who mentor.

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