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One-Size-Fits-One at Covenant House Vancouver

Covenant House Vancouver works from a trauma-informed, one-size-fits-one approach to how we support young people. And each youth who comes to us has different needs and experiences that led them to us. Sometimes they come for a meal, sometimes they need a safe place to stay or a safe person to heal with.

One young man who stayed in our Crisis Program had experienced family loss and grief. He was the hardest worker and was really focused on saving money and learning budgeting skills so he could become independent again. He had struggles with past traumatic events in his life but always kept going and positive. He stayed with us just a short time, but we were able to support him when he needed it. Now he is living independently.

Our services serve many purposes. Sometimes it’s simple and people hit a hard time where they just need a moment of care and support so they can once again move forward. We are here to support young people relentlessly whether that be for an hour, a day, or many months.