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Follow Your Dreams

George had a dream. He wanted to be a counsellor.

But, his dream didn’t fit with his parents’ plans for him. They had aspirations for their son to be a doctor or a mechanic. In an attempt to make their son concede and go along with their wishes, they restricted his TV, Internet, and even food access, so that he could not engage in his post secondary dreams. “They did everything to try and destroy my dreams.” George said.

Wanting to pursue his dream, George became estranged from his family.

George’s first engagement with CHV came through interactions with their Outreach team. The team referred him to the Crisis Program. While in the Crisis Program, he participated in cognitive behavioural therapy and regularly met with counsellors. He eventually moved into the Rights of Passage program, and has now transitioned into Hollyburn. He was initially connected to Foundry for additional support, who, in turn, connected him to a clinic closer to his home.

Thanks to generous donors who fund educational opportunities at CHV, George received a scholarship and is now in the Child and Youth Care program at Douglas College. He is on his way of fulfilling his dream of becoming a counsellor.

You Can Help Youth Follow Their Dreams

There are many youth at CHV who are interested in furthering their education. And with school only weeks away, CHV could use your help in equipping youth with supplies to help them follow their dreams.

Here is a list of the most needed items, as requested by youth:

  • backpacks
  • notebooks (coiled)
  • day planner (personal organizer)
  • calendar whiteboards
  • power banks (portable device chargers)
  • phone chargers (cords)
  • ear buds
  • ballpoint pens
  • water bottles
  • runners (sizes 9 – 13)
  • umbrellas
  • sport shorts (size 32 & 34)

If you have any questions, or require information on where and how to donate, please connect with Cory Kaban, Coordinator, Gifts-in-Kind, at

Thank you to everyone who supports youth at CHV, so that they can follow their dreams and create the futures that they deserve.