Empowering Youth for Independent Living

The transition to independent living is a hallmark of growing up, and stepping into a world of self-sufficiency and responsibility. It’s a monumental leap, and a pivotal moment when the safety net of home is replaced with the promise of autonomy. Parents pack essentials, share wisdom, and provide unwavering support as their children embark on this thrilling journey. But not all journeys are equal. 

Imagine a scenario where the very support system and resources that so many of us take for granted are not readily available. These are the stories of many of the youth that find a home at Covenant House Vancouver. For them, transitioning to independence carries unique challenges. These remarkable youth lack the traditional family support and financial means, which creates a distinctive narrative of its own. 

Recognizing the hurdles that these young individuals face, we offer a one-size-fits-one, personalized transition plan that helps pave the way for their journeys to self-sufficiency. 

Life Skills: Empowerment begins with knowledge. The life skills that we teach impart essential skills such as self-care, budgeting, cooking, and time management. These workshops cultivate a sense of capability, that enable youth to tackle the challenges of adulthood with confidence. 

Rights of Passage Program: The Rights of Passage program is a crucial stepping stone in the journey towards independent living. Once young people are out of crisis, this program provides them with safe, affordable housing, as they transition to independent living. With a fully furnished private apartment, youth must put aside part of their income to pay for the program fee, which teaches the essential skill of paying rent. This fee is returned to them when they fully transition to independence, as a nest egg, with the goal of keeping them invested in the big changes that are required for long-term independence. Rights of Passage offers 24-hour staff support that is tailored, life skills training, and guidance, to ensure that youth are equipped with the tools needed to thrive on their own terms.  

Housing Support Workers: The transition to independent living isn’t a solitary journey. When youth are ready for this step, Covenant House’s dedicated housing support workers offer mentorship and guidance, not only for the time that leads up to move-in day, but also to provide ongoing assistance as these youth navigate their newfound independence. 

This is where the power of community comes into play. Your involvement can create a world of difference. By extending your support, you play a pivotal role in empowering these young individuals. Your contributions facilitate their transition, which allows them to step into their own spaces armed with essentials and a renewed sense of determination. 

We are looking for essentials that youth will need when they step out Covenant House and into their own spaces. Items like dishware, cooking utensils, and soap dispensers; all the essentials that you would need when moving into a new home. Ikea Canada has a great University Starter Kit that has all the basics that someone would need when they move into their own space. These are ideal for the youth that are transitioning out of Covenant House Vancouver, and are a great checklist when shopping for your own university-bound person or for one at Covenant House Vancouver, who is ready to move on.