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Crafting Your Legacy: A Quick and Easy Guide

Ensuring that your loved ones are supported and that your wishes are honoured is important to you, and an up-to-date will plays a crucial role in achieving peace of mind. Without an up-to-date will, distribution of your assets and guardianship of any minors or pets will be determined by laws that govern your area. Thanks to technology, creating a will is easier than ever before. 

Covenant House Vancouver proudly partners with Willfora, to offer you a FREE online will planning resource. In just 20 minutes, you will feel empowered as you craft a legally binding will, without any obligation to include a legacy gift. Still unsure? Here are nine compelling reasons why you should create an online will: 

1. Decide Asset Distribution  
A will allows you to determine who receives your assets and property, and ensures that your wishes are respected. It also provides an opportunity to prevent certain individuals, such as an ex-spouse, from receiving an inheritance. 

2. A Legally Binding Document  
Create your will through Covenant House Vancouver and Willfora. It’s a straightforward process and once it’s signed  and witnessed, the will becomes a legally binding document.  

3. Nominate a Guardian  
If you are a parent, a will is invaluable in nominating a guardian for minor children. Without a nomination disclosed in a will, the court will decide who cares for your children. This could potentially result in someone who you wouldn’t have chosen. 
4. Provide for Pets  
A will isn’t just for human beneficiaries. If you’re a pet owner, you can designate a trusted friend or family member as the caretaker or guardian for your pets. You may also leave funds that go towards their care. 
5. Cost? It’s Free!  
Traditional will creation can be costly, with legal fees accumulating quickly. Willfora and Covenant House Vancouver provide a FREE and accessible option. Allocate more of your assets to beneficiaries or causes that you care about without any financial burden. 

6. Prevent Family Disputes  
Complex family dynamics can lead to disagreements when you’re gone. A will eliminates guesswork and provides clear instructions that minimize the potential for disputes among family members. 

7. Convenience — It Only Takes 20 Minutes!  
Create your will from the comfort of home, on your schedule. Willfora’s user-friendly platform guides you through each step, making it simple to complete; you don’t have to be a legal expert. Take a few clicks towards peace of mind. 

8. Support Causes You Care About  
Leave a lasting impact by including your favorite charities or causes in your will. With Willfora and Covenant House Vancouver’s free online platform, it is easy to select and support causes close to your heart. 

9. Easy Peace of Mind  
Creating a will is not as daunting as it may seem. It is a straightforward way to look after your loved ones and provide them with a clear roadmap to follow, after you are gone. Willfora offers simple, online, and free self-help tools to create your will without the need for a lawyer. 

Take 20 minutes to start crafting your legacy with Willfora, today. Get started now — it’s free!