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Food Fight

For those old enough to remember the 1970’s movie, Animal House, the title of this blog article is not about that. It is, in fact, about the battle that we all face against the rising cost of food.

In 2022, the average price of food in Canada increased by 10.3%. In 2023, the average price increased by 5.9%.

In 2023, CHV served over 119,000 meals! The steep rise in food costs has impacted us greatly.

Our Food Services staff keep detailed records about food costs. Here are some of the statistics that they shared with the rest of the CHV team:

• Fresh vegetables 1.8% –14.8%*
• Frozen/dried vegetables 0.7% –13.7%
• Edible oils, fats 0.7% – 13.1%
• Pasta products 3.0% – 12.8%
• Fresh/frozen beef 11.9%
• Citrus Fruits 16.1%
• Eggs 39.8%
• Margarine 38.3%
• Butter 24.6%
• Flour and prepared flour mixes 23.3%
• Chicken 28%

*Note: ranges indicate that some foods in this category went up marginally, while others increased dramatically.

Ways that CHV Has Mitigated Food Costs

We are extremely grateful for those organizations that donate food products, so that we are able to provide all youth with nutritious meals. All donated foods are used to their fullest potential. For example, bread donations from Cobbs Bread and Pure Bread. These bread products are used for pizza bread lunches, cold sandwich entrees, bagged lunches, garlic bread sides for pasta, soup buns, and all sweet pastries distributed for cold breakfasts, snacks and caterings.

Grocery donations from Whole Foods (particularly deli roast chickens) are used for stews, sandwiches, tacos, and BBQ chickens are used for main meals.

Dessert donations from The Original Cakerie are used for daily desserts and special occasions. And occasionally, we receive assorted produce and deli meats from The Salvation Army – Belkin House that go towards meals.

In addition to donated food, CHV reduces costs by using in-house production of meatloaf, meatballs, mediterranean kofta balls, and shepherd’s pie, using economical alternatives (such as ground chicken). The production of in-house comfort meals incorporate economical cuts of beef in dishes such as pasta casseroles and beef cabbage casseroles.

CHV also reduces meal costs by including weekly, meat-free meals that use vegetable protein alternatives (like chickpeas) in dishes like masala and vegetarian chili.

Triple the Meals Served

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Bryan and Kim James understand how important it is for youth to have proper nutrition to help fuel their dreams. It gives us great pleasure to announce that, for the second year in a row, Bryan and Kim will be matching donations in our Triple Match Campaign.

Our Triple Match is on now, but it ends December 31st. Don’t delay, donate today!