A Gateway to a Brighter Future

At Covenant House Vancouver, we are dedicated to supporting youth as they transition from homelessness and instability to living successfully out in the communit . Our Rights of Passage (ROP) program stands as the final, yet pivotal, step in our continuum of care. This comprehensive housing program provides a stable foundation for young people who are ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities of living in the community.

Safe and Affordable Housing
At the core of ROP is the ability to provide youth with safe, affordable housing. In ROP, each participant lives in a fully furnished, studio-style apartment that offers both privacy and a sense of personal space. Despite having their own apartments, youth share a communal kitchen and common areas that foster a sense of community and mutual support, among residents. This environment balances independence with an invaluable support network that is essential for personal growth and stability.

Comprehensive Support and Skill Development
ROP is more than just a housing program; it is a holistic approach to preparing youth for community living. Each participant is asked to commit to at least one year in residence, and focus on either their education, employment, or other personal goals. With the help of dedicated social workers, youth workers, mentors, and a life skills coordinator, youth receive one-on-one support that is tailored to their individual needs.

This expert team guides youth through the development of critical life skills, such as time management, budgeting, and cooking. These skills are vital for achieving personal stability and for building a sustainable life outside of CHV. Additionally, ROP offers daily dinners, light groceries, and celebrates milestones to ensure that youth feel valued and supported.

Included in the life skills that ROP teaches is the Rent Smart program. This program teaches youth their rights and responsibilities as a tenant, as well as the rights and responsibilities of the landlord, so that once youth secure housing, they can maintain that stability.

Building Community and Leadership
A unique and innovative aspect of ROP is our emphasis on community building. We encourage youth to take an active role in shaping their living environment and creating a supportive community. This can involve leading or participating in committees that focus on gardening, cultural celebrations, or recreational activities. These experiences not only foster a sense of belonging but also help youth develop leadership skills and a deeper connection with their peers.

Financial Security and Ongoing Support
One of the significant benefits of ROP is its approach to financial security. While in the program, youth pay a rent-like fee. Upon completion of the program and to help them transition into the community, the total amount that they paid is returned to them. This nest egg provides a crucial financial cushion as youth move on in their journeys.

Even after they move out, our support doesn’t end. Youth can access ongoing assistance from our community transition worker, their social worker, or through our Drop-In Centre. We also follow up with youth regularly at at three-, six-, nine-, and twelve-month intervals, to ensure that youth continue to thrive.

A Gateway to a Brighter Future
The Rights of Passage program at Covenant House Vancouver is a testament to our commitment to empower youth. By providing a stable living environment, comprehensive support, and opportunities for personal development and community engagement, ROP equips young people with the tools and confidence they need to succeed out in the community. As youth transition out of the program, they carry with them, not only practical skills and financial security, but a sense of community and personal achievement.

At Covenant House Vancouver, we believe in the potential of every young person to create a bright and successful future for themselves. Through the Rights of Passage program, we are proud to walk alongside youth on this transformative journey. Give today and help youth succeed.