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Karaoke brings laughter and healing to our Crisis Program 

It is always amazing to see the amount of artistic talent that exists within the youth at Covenant House Vancouver. One Saturday, after recognizing how some of the youth enjoyed singing, I decided to bring in my daughter’s karaoke machine. The youth that were in the space instantly were excited and willing to partake in the experience. I started the karaoke off with an interesting bang as I have absolutely no singing talent at all! After some laughs and cheering, what came next was heartwarming. 
One by one the youth started to sing and as the evening continued more and more youth joined in. The youth cheered for one another, worked together to get louder speakers and shared their music with one another. One youth sang a beautiful pop song to everyone. Although the youth at the Crisis Program often share an unspoken bond, some do remain quieter than others. What was beautiful to see was these youth coming out of their shells and singing in front of everyone. And then watching everyone cheer them on!  
One youth in particular struggled with language and was very shy and kept to herself. I was shocked when she instantly walked in and said she wanted to sing. She sang so beautifully, smiling from ear to ear, all the youth pulled out their phones and started swaying their hands with their flashlights on and I was in tears. I always struggled with finding a way to get this young woman to engage in any of the activities. She typically kept to herself and hardly ever smiled or laughed, yet here she was singing her heart out.  
Some sang for fun and laughs while others dedicated their songs to loved ones who had passed. Tears were plenty that night. Karaoke has become a highly anticipated part of our Saturday nights at Covenant House. Always full of laughing, dancing, singing, but most importantly, healing. It’s amazing to witness how the power of music can bring these young individuals together despite their differences and unique experiences.  

Shared by Amen, Youth Worker at our Female Crisis Program