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Warm Feet and Warm Hearts at Covey

Thanks to the amazing generosity of Heat Holders and their “Making Life Warmer” project, we recently received a donation of 1,000 socks for the youth that access our program services. Because of them, we can now, in a little way, reach out and make the lives of youth experiencing homelessness a little bit more comfortable. The gift is particularly important because of how cold and wet this past winter has been.

We’ll give the warm, thermal socks to youth who need it in our Crisis Program as well as our Rights of Passage transitional program. And most importantly, we can also hand out the socks to young people on the streets through our Outreach Program, or at the front desk as a first point of contact. This allows us to establish trust with new faces and show them that we truly care. In that way, being able to give someone a pair of socks means so much more than just warm feet. It also means a first step towards a brighter future and a loving and caring family.

So once again, we send out a big “thank you” to Heat Holders for their generosity.

If you feel inspired to give after reading this story, we encourage you to check out these great ways to support us. Any act of kindness, no matter how small, can have such a big impact in the life of someone in need!

We also encourage you to check out the amazing work the team at Heat Holders is doing by exploring their #makinglifewarmer campaign on social media.