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A visit from Vancouver Coastal Health’s Rapid Response Team

A few days ago, Vancouver Coastal Health‘s COVID-19 Rapid Response Team reached out to us. They were checking in to see if we would like to schedule a visit. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity, as it would ensure we were on track with our pandemic procedures.

When the Rapid Response Team arrived, one of the Team Leaders of our Crisis Program, James, walked them through the building for the assessment. James showed them everything, from the process we use when youth enter the building; to how the 2nd floor, common spaces, and offices look; and even to how we conduct our cleaning, isolation, medication, and meal procedures.

After the visit finished, we asked James how it went.

“At the end of it all, the nurses were very surprised and pleased with everything they had seen”. James said, “I asked them for some feedback to see if we could improve on anything; but they were speechless.”

It turns out that all the practices we’ve put in place to combat the pandemic truly impressed the COVID-19 Rapid Response Team. They admired the physical distancing measures we put in place. They complimented us on our quick thinking to transform some of our admin offices into a secondary common space for the youth. The team also said they loved how we arranged single seating tables for meals and installed sanitizing stations with large signs at every entry point.

We’re very grateful to Vancouver Coastal Health for doing this assessment with us. It reaffirms the great work that everyone here at Covenant House Vancouver is doing. The dedication and care that has been put towards getting the Crisis Program running as smoothly and safely as possible has been absolutely amazing.

We are so proud of everyone at Covenant House Vancouver. Every day we continue to work hard to keep the youth, and each other, safe!