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It’s Time for the Hip Hop Food Drive

We’re so thankful to be part of the 6th Annual Hip Hop Food Drive, organized by our friends at Bring Ya Eh Game this year. The event consists of 6 days of Hip Hop performances (all taking place virtually this year). Local artists from Vancouver are being showcased today.

We invite you to check out who’s performing, and to support this awesome event that will be raising much-needed funds for six non-profits from across the country, including us here at CHV.

For us, a plate of food is more than just a warm, nutritious meal for a hungry young person. Oftentimes, it’s the first step on a much longer journey. When we serve someone a hot meal, it’s our first chance to show someone that we believe in them, that they are valuable, and that someone in the world cares about them. From there, we can work on building a trusting relationship and hopefully, accompany a youth to achieve the hopes and dreams that they hold in their heart.

Check out the promo video below for the Hip Hop Food Drive, and learn more about the event here.