Jenny’s discovers the joy of sport

Jenny came to our Crisis Program after experiencing parent-teen conflict. Her goal was to return home to be with her family. However, this was not possible until additional supports were put in place.

While staying with us, Jenny expressed interest in playing sports. Jenny let our team know, that growing up she was expected to focus on her studies. She stated that this caused her to miss her chance to play sports in school and left her with few friends.

At Covenant House Vancouver, we support youth in their discovery of self-care activities, and our staff truly enjoys creating opportunities for them to experiment with activities that help them explore a new side of themselves and that help foster connection.

After dinner, we collected the necessary equipment and went to the park to play sports with Jenny. Jenny’s eyes lit up, knowing that this was the time that she could take a break from school and have fun.

This soon became a popular after-dinner activity for everyone. Other youth began to join in, allowing Jenny to make friends in a safe and healthy environment.

Shared by Kim, Youth Worker at our Crisis Program