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Autumnal blessings, new beginnings, and a creative challenge…

Even though I moved to Canada from England over a decade ago, this will always be “autumn” to me. Some words are just too lovely to give up! It is also my absolute favourite time of the year. The warm colours of the season combined with the cooling temperatures and that wonderful back-to-school feeling that makes me want to rush out and find that perfect pencil case and backpack (although I guess the 2021 version of that would be a new laptop and earbuds).

At Covenant House, there is a definite feeling of newness in the air. While I have been here for over five years now, I am delighted to welcome three new people to the Clinical Counselling Team. Jordana Corenblum is a graduate of the Adler University Counselling Psychology Masters Degree and has loads of experience working with teens and young adults. Marcia Clingman is a graduate of the Masters of Counselling Psychology: Art Therapy Program at Adler and comes to us after a long career in film and television production.

And Erin Miller Schumann is a final year art therapy trainee from Adler University and is joining us to do her clinical practicum. Welcome, and I am really excited to be working with you all. Our team is fizzing with creativity, passion, experience, and new ideas to support the youth at Covenant House.

To get the ball rolling, Erin has crafted a creative challenge for youth, staff, and you. For the month of October, she is inviting everyone to do a drawing each day and has 31 prompts that can be used as jumping-off points. The drawings can be simple 2-minute sketches or doodles, or more detailed pieces of art if you feel inspired.

All you need is some blank paper and a pen (any kind is just fine). Set aside whatever time you want to do this each day and make it a moment to step away from the busyness of life and to re-engage with your playful, sparkling, curious creativity. And the great part: no one has to see your drawings unless you want to share them!

Written by:
Dr. Keith Thurlow-Bishop, MA, MSc, PhD
Registered Clinical Counsellor – Registered Art Therapist
Covenant House Vancouver