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An Executive Decision That Will Change Lives

As we head into “sweater weather,” pumpkin-spiced lattes, and fewer hours of daylight, have you ever stopped to appreciate that at the end of your rain-infused commute that you have a dry, warm, and safe place waiting for you?

Take a moment the next time that your umbrella inverts, to imagine that how you feel in that moment is how you are going to feel for at least the rest of that day. Now, imagine nearly 700[1] youth are feeling this way on a daily basis, in Metro Vancouver.

Sleep Out: Executive Edition celebrates 10 years in Vancouver

Covenant House Vancouver invites you to grab your cardboard and well-loved sleeping bag and participate in a night out that you’ll never forget!

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Covenant House Vancouver’s Sleep Out: Executive Edition, and we would like you to join us from your backyard, balcony or other safe outdoor space, in solidarity with homeless youth and other Covenant House locations across North America, to experience a night without all the comforts of home.

During a recent IMPACT Podcast, Kim Wing, Manager of Special Events at Covenant House Vancouver, explains the importance of Sleep Out. “We’re here so youth don’t have to sleep on the street. We really try and provide support, so they are safe, they are comfortable, they have mental health support and they have 3 meals a day, plus snacks. We try to make sure that we are taking care of all of their needs.”

By raising funds through events like Sleep Out, you can help Covenant House provide:

  • outreach, where teams meet youth on the street to supply them with food and clothing, and to offer them additional support
  • a drop-in space where youth can get a hot meal, shower, do laundry and receive fresh, clean clothing
  • access to youth workers, social workers, counsellors and mental health professionals
  • a transitional housing program, where youth learn life skills, like cooking and budgeting, with a focus on becoming independent and self-supporting.

A night you won’t soon forget

Kim went on to explain that Sleep Out is in no way meant to replicate what a night on the street might feel like, because before the event begins, participants have had a meal, they are wearing layers, they are safe, they are prepared and are mentally and physically healthy.

Podcast host, and avid supporter of Sleep Out Vancouver, Nigel Bennett, commented that after only one night of sleeping on the street that he felt groggy the day after, and that his cognitive functions decreased dramatically. Nigel learned that many youth sleep during the day, because that is the safest time for them. At night, they are vulnerable to predators, so many become nocturnal.

As Covenant House Vancouver is 95% privately funded, Kim mentioned that Sleep Out: Executive Edition is a vital fundraising initiative that enables Covenant House to be accessible to youth 24/7.

Join us for a night out that will not only change the life of youth, but your life as well. You can learn more about our Sleep Out events here.