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Heat can pose health risks for the vulnerable in our communities. Learn how you can help…

This week in the Lower Mainland there is a heat warning and temperatures are predicted to reach between 31-35 degrees. When we think of people who are experiencing homelessness and the weather, we generally worry about it being too cold, not too hot.

But extreme heat can have a negative impact on those experiencing homelessness as well. Those experiencing homelessness or being precariously housed can lack places to get fresh water, access to supplies like sunscreen, and places to stay cool.

Fraser Health shares, “Summer heat can pose serious health risks to people experiencing homelessness or living in precarious housing, especially those with pre-existing heart, lung, or mental health conditions.” At Covenant House Vancouver, we prepare for the heat and make sure that youth living outside or with us have proper supplies. We provide water bottles and water, sunscreen, and cool clothing.

Our Drop-In is a safe, cool place for youth to have showers, get hydrated, receive nutritious food, and get out of the sun. In response to the extreme heat this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday our Drop-In will be open for extended hours until 8:30 pm to provide extra support to young people.

If you would like to support young people during this extreme heat here are ways to help:

  • Check-in on neighbours and community members especially those who are vulnerable.
  • Provide a monetary donation and help provide immediate support to young people.
  • Donate needed items including water bottles, sunscreen, fans, and cool clothing.

Together we can keep all members of our communities safe this summer!