Introducing Ginger: Our New Ambassador

We are thrilled to introduce Ginger as Covenant House Vancouver’s new ambassador and Covenant House International’s (CHI) new Chief Strategy Officer. Ginger brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to our mission of supporting homeless and at-risk youth.

Ginger’s First Visit to Covenant House Vancouver
Last month, Ginger visited our Vancouver site for the first time, which marked the beginning of what we hope will be a long and fruitful relationship. During her visit, Ginger engaged deeply with our community, and spent time with Deb, our Chief Executive Officer; Chelsea, our Chief Program Officer; program managers, and our Senior Management Team. Ginger toured all three of our buildings, to immerse herself in the daily operations and to connect with various staff members, along the way.

Connecting with Youth
One of the highlights of Ginger’s visit was her time spent with some alumni from Covenant House Vancouver’s programs. These remarkable young people shared their stories, their challenges, and their dreams for the future. In turn, Ginger shared CHI’s new strategic roadmap and plans for the future, which resonated deeply with the youth. This exchange of ideas and experiences was profoundly impactful and inspiring, and created a connection between Ginger and the youth, through a sense of shared purpose.

Learning and Sharing
The primary goal of Ginger’s visit was to orient herself with Covenant House Vancouver’s programs and services and to understand the unique challenges faced by youth in Vancouver and in British Columbia. Ginger was particularly impressed by our new spaces and felt inspired to share her experiences here with other Covenant House sites.

Ginger’s visit is just the beginning. We are excited about her ongoing involvement and the positive impact that she will undoubtedly have on our community. We look forward to welcoming her back often, as we continue to work together to support the young people we serve.

Stay tuned for more updates on Ginger’s work and future visits. Together, we can make a difference!