Our youth demonstrate thoughtfulness and kindness

Kindhearted Gennie makes an impact at our Crisis Program

Gennie stayed at Covenant House Vancouver in our Crisis Program for a period of three months and in that time, she achieved the goals she set out for herself. Gennie remained determined, motivated and positive during her stay even when she was struggling with ... Read more

Kristy HayterJanuary 15, 2020

Our cooking group uses a secret recipe…

A young man in our Crisis Program was finally able to share and teach a "SECRET RECIPE" from a restaurant where he used to work at. It was really good and featured brussel sprouts. The cooking group also made some ... Read more

Kristy HayterJanuary 07, 2020

New PJ’s for Patrick!

Our youth received an advent calendar for the month of December. Some days there was a gift for everyone in the Crisis Program like games and popcorn or other days it could be a special treat for every person. Each day, a youth would ... Read more

Kristy HayterDecember 23, 2019

Comfort and Care for Zack at Christmas

Christmas can be a difficult time for those who don't have family or loved ones to be with.  At the Crisis Program we recognize this and do our best to show the young people with us that we care. This year, ... Read more

Kristy HayterDecember 20, 2019

At a critical moment Emma finds Covenant House…

One cold morning, a young teenage girl named Emma came to Covenant House Vancouver seeking shelter. All she had with her was a small backpack, containing a few books and change of clothes. Her cheeks were rosy red, and she was stiff from the cold. As ... Read more

Kristy HayterNovember 26, 2019

Catching up on the train…

I recently bumped into a youth who I worked with at our female Crisis Program. Cindy was pleasantly surprised to meet me on the train while I was travelling to work one day. Cindy was bursting to tell me all about her progress ... Read more

Kristy HayterNovember 20, 2019

Youth have fun making soap!

Our male Crisis Program thought it would be a fun idea for the youth to try making their own soap. The youth workers weren't sure how it would be received but the young men loved it and had a blast! ... Read more

Kristy HayterNovember 15, 2019

Lena feels safe and free for the first time…

Lena stayed in our Crisis Program for almost year. She had arrived in Vancouver fleeing from a country where her rejection of the state religion was a death sentence. Lena reveled in the freedoms she had access to in Canada.   During her stay ... Read more

Kristy HayterNovember 07, 2019

Board games and hot chocolate!

The young women in our Crisis Program had a cozy evening in recently. They played all kinds of board games and had delicious gourmet hot chocolate. What a lovely way to spend a fall evening.

Kristy HayterNovember 06, 2019